Friday, 12 December 2014

How to check for condition in Geoprocessing Service or Model Builder

How to check for if/else conditions in Geoprocessing Service

Arc python and Script tool
Python script will be deployed in the ARC Toolbox to create the Conversion Tool 

Script tool is created in the ArcMap and the required input & Output Parameter are set. The script tool source is set to the custom python code present in an Python file(.py)
Out motive is to use check for the count of a features in an feature class and performing an conditional Execution

  • Open ArcMap 10.0+ 
  • Create your own Geometric Network or Open your Existing Geometric Network
  • Add your Geometric network to the Table of contents in the ArcMap as Shown Below

·         Create a new Model in your myToolBox .Right Click on MyToolBox > New > Model.Following window will appear on the Screen 

  •    Add your desired feature class to the Model. (Right Click on any empty space and select ADD DATA  and select your feature class in the object browser)
  • ·         Add Get Count and Calculate value Model from the System Toolbox Connect the model as shown below 

  • ·         Now open calculate value Model and in the Expression Textbox call the function Calculate(%RowCount%)
  • ·         Here %RowCount% will act as an Inline Variable and Compiler automatically replace the %RowCount% with the value of the rowcount field
  • ·         At the Code block defined the function Calculate as

def calculate(row):
if row>0:
return true
return false
  • ·         Make the return Data type as Boolean
  • ·         The output Boolean can be set as a precondition for any model. So that the Model  get executes only when the output of calculate value is true

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