Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Working with Group layers through Python

TOOL USED:  arcpy.mapping

Python script will be deployed in the ARC Toolbox to create the Conversion Tool
This tool will iterate through each layer in the group layer and perform operation on each layer for every iterations


  • Create a New Script tool in your toolbox of your ArcCatalog 
  • Set any empty python code file as source file in which you are going to write your script
  • Set Output layer as input parameter and group layers as the data Type
  • Copy the following code into your python code file

import arcpy
from arcpy import env

#Assign the output group layer to a variable, to be used later
lyrs =outputgrouplayer

print lyrs
#Create a Mapping Layer out of the Group Layer
groupLayer = arcpy.mapping.Layer(lyrs)

#Get a list of all the mappping layers, the first return will be the Group Layer itself
newLyrs = arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(groupLayer)

#Iterate through all of the Layers (mapping layers)
for lyr in newLyrs:
    #Because the first return is the group layer itself, we check for this, and move on
    if not lyr.isGroupLayer:
        print "Layer name is: {0}. Count is: {1}.".format(lyr.name, str(arcpy.GetCount_management(lyr)))

  • This will print the layer name and count of feature for every layer in the Group layer inputted
  • Run the script tool and target your group layer as the input in the parameter box. Click on Ok
  • Now it is Party time. Happy Coding

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